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BANGS is an adventure and lifestyle shoe brand that donates 20% of their profits to help entrepreneurs start their businesses. They sent some pairs to Spark Magazine and for the past week we, Kalpana and Iris, took some sneakers out and about Austin to see how we could style them, how well they’d work within the Austin scene, and if we felt we could #liveBANGS.
While Kalpana’s style is more ladylike and Iris’ is more tomboyish, we each dressed our BANGS shoes in entirely different ways. Both of us realized how easy it was to take our shoes out and look dang good doing it.

Once you go through this article, if you are interested in being involved with the BANGS team, you can check out their page on how to get involved!


I chose the high tops in Old Pine, a true forest green. I loved the unique green color, but I was initially worried that I’d have trouble styling the shoe because of it. Upon looking at my closet, I knew that the Old Pine color was a match made in heaven with blue denim. Half of my closet is jean-related, so I was excited to wear my BANGS shoes out and make a statement.

My first of two outfits was a large Lucky Brand graphic t-shirt, with Zara mom shorts and a black leather belt. I could feel the shoes changing my outfit from boring to exciting. The pops of military green on my feet made me feel, quite frankly, cool. 



My second outfit was with a pair of loose-fitted overalls for a very comfortable look. The shoes made my laid-back outfit look effortlessly styled. Overalls always make me feel a little childish, and the green shoes added to it with their playful pops. I felt ready to adventure, and take my overalls and green high tops up a mountain (or something). The shoes truly do carry with them an infectious sense of purpose and adventure.



I chose the London Fog low tops, because I was looking for something simple and offered me the flexibility to dress them up or dress them down. My wardrobe consists of all sorts of different styles and garments and I love pairing unique pieces together and these shoes allowed me to do just that. For my first look, I went with a casual chic ensemble. I paired my BANGS with a knit midi dress and a guitar strap purse. What I love about this outfit is that the colors go together so well. The different shades of gray match the London Fog shoes quite well and they are extremely comfortable for a day out and about the city!

My purse is from Steve Madden and my dress is from H&M.

When I styled my second look, I was heading to Rainey street for a night out with my friends. I wanted something comfortable enough to dance in, but appropriate for a night on the town. I wore a olive green knit body con dress with a white button down thrown on top. My BANGS shoes came in handy with this outfit and seemed to just fall right into place. They kept my feet comfortable all night long. The shoes are a subtle touch that can go with practically any outfit or occasion.

My dress is from Zara, shirt from Old Navy, and necklace is from Raven and Lily.


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