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Emmaline Potter of Texas-based fashion blog Blonde à la Mode is just that: fashionable with a pool of golden locks. The Austin native turned TCU student is classy and girly with just the right amount of spunk, yet even with such a distinct taste, she still stands by the idea that fashion is merely a “supplementary factor in developing your personal style”; it’s all so refreshing. I asked Emmaline a few questions on how her blog came along.

JX: A blogger’s first big decision, amongst many, is the name they will be known as on the Internet. Explain the inspiration behind your blog’s name, Blonde a la Mode.

EP: It wasn’t easy to think of, that’s for sure! I’ve known that I wanted to become a fashion blogger since high school, and I’ve honestly been thinking of a creative and catchy name ever since. I decided on Blonde à la Mode because it encompasses and broadly communicates my image in a way that is cleverly defining. I love being a “smart blonde” in a world that often belittles or pokes fun at the blonde stereotype; brainpower and girl power needed to be succinctly incorporated and celebrated. It’s also important to note that in my blog name, à la Mode does not mean “with ice cream” as so many Americans mistake it. In French, à la Mode means “fashionable” or “on trend”. I knew I definitely wanted to be Blonde-something; I can’t help but take pride in my natural goldilocks.

JX: What inspired you to start blogging?

EP: I like to refer to myself as an entrepreneurial spirit. For as long as I can remember I’ve been scribbling down ideas for inventions, businesses, organizations, products, you name it. Since the day I deleted my teen fashion blog, I wanted to start all over again. Thus, the creation of Blonde à la Mode this January.  It wasn’t ever really a matter of whether or not I would become a blogger, just a question of when. 

JX: You claim that going to private school really influenced a lot of your style. Tell me more about this.

EP: I’ve been in private school my entire life and while it has been such a blessing, I found the strict dress codes to be suppressing and sometimes downright unreasonable as a fashion junkie. From the ages 5 through 14, I was required to wear an unflattering khaki skort with a boxy polo shirt tucked in. To make matters worse, shoes were only allowed to be solid black or white tennis shoes. In the moment I didn’t seem to mind as much– probably because everyone else was stuffed into those horrible outfits as well. But the second I got home I would immediately lose the uniform, in favor of something that made me look and feel good. When I went to high school, I had the treat of dress “guidelines” instead of the make or break dress code I was accustomed to. We could wear collared shirts with pants or a skirt (to the knee), and absolutely no shorts. Those guidelines lasted about a week for me. I found any and every alternative collar I could get my hands on: peter pan, band, mandarin, sailor, rolled, even collared necklaces. I got away with most of those too! Being constricted to these guidelines ultimately taught me to think outside of the box to make my look stand out amongst the uniform-constricted crowd. 

JX: College student to college student: how do you deal with ballin’ on a budget but also needing to constantly produce new and original content?

My policy is school comes first, and as much as I hate it I do make my schoolwork and grades my priority. Sometimes this means sacrificing time I would otherwise devote to my blog (thinking about it makes me cringe!), but I never will put running my blog off unless I absolutely have to. As for my budget, I’ve been working with a lot of local boutiques lately on collaborations and promotions – that way I can promote their new clothes, build up to date content for my blog, and save a little extra moola at the same time.

JX: I’ve heard of everything and in between, but what is your insider’s tip on how to beat writer’s block?

Sit down and write what first comes to mind. From there, you’re sure to have creative ideas eventually firing off one after the other. This synergistic reaction is what definitely gets me through. On days when my writer’s block does get the best of me, I still try to put the few words I can on paper and if nothing else comes of it, I at least have a foundation to come back to.

JX: What can we expect from you in the future?

Expect Blonde à la Mode to always surprise you with ever-developing, unconventionally chic content. These next few months are going to be busy for my blog; right now I’m tackling a lot of projects and collaborations with both local and international companies. Lots of exciting new announcements will be coming soon, so be sure to keep on the lookout!


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