Around Austin: Blues on the Green

Oh, summer. There’s a certain magic in the air that just doesn’t exist during the rest of the year. The sun sparkles brighter and skin turns to gold. The days seem endless and the possibilities for adventure are infinite. Personally, I would gladly spend every waking hour lounging out on the cool blue water, counting my freckles until the sun sets and the darkness veils the night.

But soon after dusk falls, the colorful city lights illuminate the sky as the sound of Latin music permeates the air with promises of boozy romance and everlasting friendships. The drinks are cold and the bodies are warm as they sway to the rhythm of the beat at Blues on the Green.

Judy (20) and Erika (20)
Katelin (20)
Whitney (21) and Kelsey (21)

Alas, those warm summer nights are all too rare, only four between May and August. And on those nights, Zilker Park transforms as it fills with Austinites, cloaking the grass in blankets.

Most people laze around the green lawn in simple t-shirts and shorts with drinks in hand. They’re swimming in a sea of smiles, lost to the rest of the city. But amongst the t-shirt clad crowd, a few gems hide in enviable attire.

They all gather round to enjoy KGSR’s free community concert, featuring local bands. There are children playing soccer, adults conversing, and people dotted along tents as they wait to indulge in Austin’s local eats. It is without a doubt, the event of the season.

Find the next Blues on the Green concert date here

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