Vacation Style: The Island of Guam

The opportunity to travel to Hawaii and Guam arose when my boyfriend’s family invited us to stay at their home.  They live in Guam- a place, like many people, I knew little about. Just to be clear, Guam is an island and U.S. Territory.  Think of it as a smaller, quieter Hawaii.  

Brilliantly green palm trees and foliage line every street, tourists contribute to the majority of the economy, and families from many cultures fill the neighborhoods.  My time in both Hawaii and Guam were short, but of course I planned my outfits meticulously to ensure that I had that effortless, vacation style that the locals had throughout.


This photo was taken when we were out to dinner during the first night in Guam.  It looks straight out of a movie and I became completely mesmerized with the island and it’s beautiful scenery.


I spent most of my days in some form of a swimsuit- the water in Guam is warm and sparkling. I feel confident in high waisted two piece sets, so that’s what I went with on this day.  Target always has some of the best swimwear and I scored this set just before we left for the trip.  Guam is known for its tourism industry; they have sky high hotels, fantastic restaurants, and always friendly customer service.  Seen behind me is just one of the many hotels that line the island.


When it came to day activities and lunches, I wanted to keep things bright and upbeat but also very breathable.  Guam is extremely humid and hot which means I stuck to breezy dresses and light fabrics. This blush pink off-the shoulder number was perfect for walking around downtown and grabbing lunch.


I might have packed one too many jumpers, but I couldn’t help myself.  They are so comfy and easy to move in.  I love the embroidered applique on this one and I’m so glad it’s a spaghetti strap style. Sunglasses are an obvious must-have and I was wearing these heart shaped ones throughout the trip.  Simple sandals were a lifesaver when we were going from land to water.  The greenery behind me was so common, no one in my boyfriend’s family even questioned it.  I was having too much fun picking places to take my next picture.


Another one of my favorite swimsuit sets is from ModCloth.  The daisy print and high waisted fit make them perfect for playing around in the waves and truly enjoying my time spent. I like something that’s going to keep everything in place, but still be a fun fashion piece.  


For nights out, I stuck to floral maxis and and off the shoulder looks.  The heat can really be an issue here, and even this dress was almost too hot at times. There’s nothing quite like strolling through an unknown place and watching the magical sunset  with loving, friendly people surrounding you.


This photo was captured by my boyfriend.  I was in complete serenity and bliss as I dug my toes into the warm sand and caught a glimpse of this breathtaking sunset.  This was one of the last days of the trip and it was quite possibly the best moment.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to travel to Guam and immerse myself in the culture and beautiful landscapes.  

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