Float Fest 2017: Festival Fashion Recap

This past Saturday and Sunday, our very own Float Fest had thousands of people flocking to San Marcos to experience the river, carnival, and music. With headliners like Weezer, Zedd, Cage the Elephant, and Passion Pit, each day was filled with painfully good music and temperatures in the hundreds. While sweaty and exhausted, Float Festers united under the sun for a good time.

Attendees usually wore their swimsuits after floating the river, but amidst the bikinis and board shorts were a few outfits that shone throughout the crowd. Outfits like performer Walker Lukens’ white cotton suit and patterned silk top, perfect for a Summer show on-stage, starkly stood out. Artist Cara Bishop, from the band The Bishops, wore a simple thin slip, and dressed it up by self-applying metal braces to the straps. Others wore vintage denim, body glitter, and subtle makeup details. Click on the pictures to see these details and accessories on these festival-goers.

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For more coverage on all the amazing things that happened at Float Fest, check out their websiteย here.

Photographer: Iris Bilich


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