Austin City Limits 2017: Festival Fashion Recap

by Marybeth Schmidt

Austin City Limits, the annual two weekend music festival that puts on musically brilliant tunes, has attendees that bring out the best of the best of festival fashion. Expectantly, the past two weekends in Austin’s Zilker Park have proved once again that music brings out the essence of Austin and its people, and the style that comes along with it. From hilarious and a little alarming costumes to chic and edgy outfits, each look spoke beautifully about the culture in Austin. Bandana neck-ties, sheer mesh tops, and wide colored sunglasses were everywhere, and looked so so good. Below is our collection of some of our favorite looks from the festival; click on each picture to see the details on each festival-goer.

Photographer: Marybeth Schmidt, unless otherwise stated.

Marybeth Schmidt was born and raised in Austin, Texas and is currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently studying International Relations and Global Studies and hopes to spread the beauty of the world through her photographs. Her number one Austin recommendation is to go night swimming at Barton Springs.


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