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by Caroline Frankenfeld

Dreams + Gasoline perfectly encompasses who Morgan is: a girl who most certainly has dreams to achieve and the drive to get there. Although from Tennessee, Morgan is now one of Austin’s finest bloggers, taking special interest in home décor, style, and food while also finding herself as a newfound business owner. As she continues to make her mark on Austin, Spark got the lowdown on life right now.

CF: First off, I’ve got to ask: Dreams + Gasoline. What’s the meaning behind the title?

MHS: For about 8 years, I blogged under the name “The Tennessee Life.” However, after making the move to Texas, that didn’t really work anymore. In the process of re-branding, I discovered Rob Baird’s song “Dreams and Gasoline” and felt drawn to the name and lyrics. As a newly-found Austin girl, it just fit!

CF: You blog about a bit of everything: food, decor, style, travel, lifestyle. Where do you cultivate your inspiration from? What keeps you from tiring of material to write about?

MHS: Moving into our new home has really helped me produce content I’m excited about. It’s given me the chance to do something I love to do: decorate. I always try to stay true to myself and only blog about things I relate to, use on a regular basis, food I cook/want to eat, places we go and love to visit, etc. Writing about things I truly want to talk about makes writing for my blog anything but boring.

CF: What are your categorical go-to’s?

MHS: Recipe: Simple summer salad. (seen here)

Style Item: Denim cutoffs. It never changes. Every spring/summer, it’s all I ever wear. They are so easy to dress up and dress down. Definitely a wardrobe staple.

Travel Item: My camera. Lame, I know, but I never travel without it.

Decor Item: Rae Dunn and lemons! I recently started a collection of Rae Dunn pieces and I couldn’t be more excited about how it looks in our home. I spice up the simple black and white pieces with touches of yellow from lemony decor

CF: Now that you’ve made a home in Austin, have you settle on a favorite restaurant yet?

MHS: This is always the hardest question for me to answer because I have so many favorites all for different reasons. If I could only eat one place for the rest of my time in Austin it would be Chilantro, hands down. It was one of the first places Eddie K took me when I moved here and it’s still my #1.

Other important places that take the cake: Flyrite, Torchy’s Tacos (duh!), Matt’s El Rancho, La Barbeque, and In-n-Out. No really, I dig the s*** out of their animal fries.

CF: Adventuring seems to a common theme throughout your blog. What would an ideal adventure day with the hubby be like?

MHS: **Boyfriend. Ha! Happens all the time! I roll with it cause he’s pretty dang cute.

If we have a weekend off in Austin, chances are we will be starting our day off with brunch. Some of our favorite spots are SNOOZE, Hillside Farmacy, Biscuits & Groovy and Irene’s.

After brunch, we usually do our “weekend errands”. This usually includes a trip to Home Depot (new house probs) and Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. We are on a bit of a hunt for the hard-to-find Rae Dunn pieces. We have a pretty large collection and are trying to complete it!

And of course we like to end any days off with our pup, Loretta. She truly is the highlight of our lives. Shoutout to Austin Animal Center!

CF: If you could only choose one thing to blog about for the rest of your life:

MHS: NO QUESTION: home decor/decorating. It’s my favorite hobby. I love moving stuff around in our home and creating little nooks and areas that reflect our laid back farmhouse vibes. Plus I am such a huge fan of taking someone else’s trash and turning it into an amazing piece for our home. I recently dug a table out of the trash and turned it into the perfect piece for our new dining room. (See before and after photos HERE.)

CF: What’s next for Dreams + Gasoline?

MHS: Lots of traveling in the future. I will be working with restaurants and locations in Chicago when Eddie K and I make the trip up in late September. We will also be traveling back to Belize after the holiday season so look out for more tropical style posts! Along the way, I will continue to post about things happening in my world.

CF: What about Whiskey Boat Goods? Where does that all fit into the story?

MHS: Along with our full-time jobs plus my side life as a blogger, Eddie K and I are also small business owners. We began this journey by creating products for Whiskey Boat Goods that we wanted to try out and use around our home. When purchasing items at our local chain stores, we noticed that the quality of the goods we were purchasing simply did not line up with our expectations. Most products, we found, were well overpriced and were created with zero care. We, at Whiskey Boat Goods, take pride in every item we make. Before selling, every product is tested and tried first hand by ourselves and the individuals closest to us.

The name “Whiskey Boat Goods” was derived from one of our favorite mini-series: Lonesome Dove. It conveys the underlying message that we, at Whiskey Boat Goods, stand for vision, ethics, and quality.

 For more, visit Dreams + Gasoline and Whiskey Boat Goods.


Caroline Frankenfeld is a sophomore at the University of Texas double majoring in Spanish and PR, with a minor in Business.  This is Caroline’s first year writing for Spark and she loves finding inspiration from her travels abroad and from the big personality that Austin brings. When she’s not in class, you can find her dancing, hanging out with friends at Lucky Lab Coffee (a personal fav), or shamelessly watching The Office re-reruns.  

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