Now You Can: Universal Standard Event Recap

by Micaela Hannah

Universal Standard is changing the game for plus-sized women everywhere. Created by two women, Alex and Polina, Universal Standard embodies what every woman wants – stylish clothes that make them feel good but are tailored to a particular demographic. These women are looking for something they can’t find at fast fashion stores. They are tired of shirts with childish characters and overused sayings like “Let’s Taco ‘Bout It”; they want real, stylish clothing that lets them show their style in a fun, modern way.

We met up with Alex and Polina on their Road Trip Pop Up Tour across the United States. The pop-up shop was located at the Springdale Station. Alex and Polina were available to customers the minute they walked into the shop, and helped their customers shop and find what they wanted.

Co-owners Alex and Polina.
Simple and minimalistic, at the pop-up event.

When we walked in a customer said, “I loved everything I tried on, unfortunately”. The shop was chic, trendy, and the clothes had amazing tones and hues that gave them a truly modern look. That is exactly what Alex and Polina strive to achieve with Universal Standard: to give women the chance to finally look and feel how they want to. Universal Standard provides plus-sized women with quality clothing that Alex says, “you can’t find anywhere else.” Because of Universal Standard, there is no longer a barrier to look good, feel good, and dress like professionals for these women.

universal standard for spark magazine collaboration 2017
A closer look at the various textures and styles.

Their new collection comes in collaboration with Orange is the New Black’s, Danielle Brooks. She personally designed three looks for the Tria collection that she thought every woman absolutely needed. Their collaboration has taken off and been reported on major style websites and magazines.

universal standard plus sized fashion for spark magazine collaboration
All in the details.

One thing is for sure: Universal Standard is changing the game for women size 10 and up, giving them fashionable clothing in a market where fast-fashion simply cannot. Watch out, this is one brand to look out for.


Micaela Hannah is a senior-ish Sport Management major. She’s a pal, photographer, raspberry enthusiast, dog person, and lover of memes. Check her out on instagram at @_mics_pics_ or @mhannah21

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