21st Century Girl

by Estefania Monarrez

Welcome to the life of the 21st Century Girl. In a world where oppression and injustice still exist; women continue to be underappreciated and devalued. We stand up for what we want and believe in: equality and love. Grunge in itself was a way for people to express their thoughts on subjects that many others kept quiet about. It signifies knowledge, empowerment, love, desire, and anger. These aesthetically pleasing scenes of a grunge fashion-oriented model remind us that we have the power to speak out and make a difference in society today.


Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Estefania Monarrez currently attends the University of Texas at Austin. Her biggest passion is traveling the world and being able to share her experiences, culture, and ideas with others through all platforms. She is a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and hopes to attract only positivity and love throughout her lifetime.



Joanne Xu

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