Witchy Woman: A Look into Strega Fashion

by Sydney Burris

Photos by Micaela Hannah

You wake up in the morning and stumble to your closet. As your eyes adjust to the light, you grab the first t-shirt you find, throw it over your head, and slip on a pair of jeans. Done! You’re dressed for the day! It’s as simple as that for some people, and while comfort is important, for others, deciding on what to wear is the most artistically important decision of the day.

Many people, like myself, consider fashion as an artistic statement. When we wake up in the morning, we’re picking articles of clothing based on how we feel, how we want to feel, and how we want others to feel when they see us. Sometimes these expressive fashion choices fall into what’s considered to be mainstream, but sometimes they don’t. When fashion doesn’t conform to popular style trends, we call it alternative or “alt”.

There are many examples of alt fashion subcultures: grunge, steampunk, mod, the list goes on and on. Some are these are better known than others. Let’s focus on a specific subculture that the majority of people have never heard: Strega fashion.

sydney burris spark magazine alternative strega fashion

Strega fashion is based on one idea: dress like a witch. The aesthetic is dark, almost gothic, but with a bohemian flair. This means loose silhouettes, occult imagery or symbolism, and a lot of the color black. One of the appeals of Strega fashion is that there are few rules. It’s extremely open to interpretation and creativity which is why I love it. If you’re still feeling a bit confused about Strega fashion, let’s run through an outfit.

spark magazine sydney burris alternative strega fashion

When faced with styling a Strega outfit, I was overwhelmed. There are so many possibilities I could have chosen from, but I decided to go with what I consider a quintessential Strega outfit. Black is an important color in my interpretation of Strega, so I decided to create an all-black outfit with touches of silver. I’ve chosen an asymmetrical hem, jersey knit blouse for my top and layered over a sheer, kimono-esque cardigan. My leggings are faux-leather with slits running down the front that open up to a lace panel. Platform shoes are popular in Strega, so I’ve chosen a pair of Demonia booties.

sydney burris strega alternative fashion

A pentagram belt, moon phase necklace and lace choker are the final touches to the outfit. And I can’t forget my favorite patent leather jacket for when it gets cold.

Strega is not the kind of fashion you see from day to day on campus. It’s different and perhaps a bit unusual, but remember that unusual isn’t bad. Unique fashion choices are a great way to express yourself and a great way to have fun. If you’re having fun, you’re happy, right? And that’s what’s important.


Sydney Burris is a third-year Radio-Television-Film major. She loves video editing, alternative fashion, and cats… but mostly cats.


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