8 Must Have Essentials This Spring

by Jessica Teran

Photography by Adraint Bereal

Video by Jasmy Liu

In partnership with Packed Party

With Spring Break (unfortunately) coming to an end and the second half of the semester here a little too soon, I am finding myself dreaming about the days that have passed, spent away from school. Catching up with my friends, laying out in the sun and getting some well-deserved R&R these past 10 days is all that is fueling me to crack open my textbooks once again. 

Luckily, spring is in the air. That means there are opportunities to have adventures and get outdoors and enjoy the city of Austin in one of the most beautiful times of the year. Whether you’re taking advantage of the city in your spare time, or if you’re scrolling on your phone simply procrastinating from the homework you’ve neglected this Spring Break (I’m right there with you), I’ve compiled a list of 8 Must Have Essentials:

1. Packed Party’s Confetti Biggie Zip

Packed Party, an Austin-based business that creates festive party essentials, gifted us with some of their newest products for spring! The new line is effortlessly chic and lovable. First on the list, the Confetti Biggie Zip is the most perfectly sized makeup bag. It’s vinyl, filled with rainbow confetti and pairs marvelously with all things spring! This zip is ideal for a day out at the Greenbelt to carry your sunscreen, your favorite lipgloss, sunglasses.

8 Must Have Essentials This Spring

2. Packed Party’s Confetti Clutch

Packed Party is clearly (no pun intended) on to something with their clear confetti line. This Confetti Clutch is the best accessory to pair with your favorite romper or sundress while out for a stroll with your best friends for dinner and drinks. It is sized to carry the bare essentials — keys, credit cards and any event tickets!

3. Swimsuit

Treat your skin to some much-needed vitamin D and take advantage of the spring weather! Let your skin soak up the sun while showing off that ribbed swimsuit! There’s just something about a texturized swimsuit that gives it such an elegant feel and clean finish. Steal this style from Zaful or Target!

8 Must Have Essentials This Spring

4. Sunglasses

You can’t bask in the sun and enjoy it without protecting your eyes. This spring, small frames are back and here to stay. Originally from the ’40s, small cat-eye frames are spreading like wildfire thanks to style icons like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and the Kardashians sporting the look. You can steal their $200 name brand accessories for a mere $12 on Amazon Prime.

5. Bluetooth Speaker

For me, music sets the mood in all party scenarios. Have big plans to lay out at the pool, party on the beach or hang out at Zilker Park? Keep the party alive with a Bluetooth speaker and a party playlist to set the atmosphere! A groovy playlist will keep everyone happy and relaxed — creating the perfect party scene. This water-resistant Bose speaker produces high-quality sound and won’t completely break the bank.

6. Packed Party’s Gold Disco Drink

Hydration, hydration, hydration! You must stay hydrated while out in the sun. And this spring, you can do so in style with Packed Party’s charming Disco Drink tumbler. Available in gold, silver and rose gold, it’s a neat little 20 oz. cup that can store hot and cold drinks, and it’s spill proof!

8 Must Have Essentials This Spring

7. Portable Battery Phone Charger

We are living in a world dominated by social media, where documenting and posting our lives for everyone to see is the norm. How disappointing would it be if you meet your favorite musician during an evening on Red River at the music venues and your phone is dead and you can’t capture the moment? Don’t show up unprepared! With a portable battery phone charger you can charge your phone one and a half times before they die out themselves. You’re guaranteed to have enough battery power for a full day of documentation while enjoying your spring activities. And luckily for you, they come in small enough sizes that can be stored perfectly in your Packed Party Clutch or Zippie! Amazon sells portable batteries for as low as $9.99.

8. Packed Party’s Laptop Loving Stickers

Last but not least, Packed Party’s released a collection of laptop stickers that are to die for! I know I can’t walk into one of my classes on campus without seeing at least one laptop with clever and fashionable stickers on it. They also have fun designs like “always workin,’” pastel ice cream, donuts and a coffee cup are all worthy to stick on your laptop and show off. 

8 Must Have Essentials This Spring

Spring should be as stress-free as possible, and I hope these 8 essential items will help ensure that you’re prepared for any activities that come your way this season! •

Jessica Teran is a Textile and Apparel Design major from San Antonio, Texas. Her interest in public relations and social media have unearthed her desire to write and expand on her creative writing. When she isn’t in the lab designing or writing, she likes to indulge in holistic fitness and cooking.


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