Daughtry Arts Center: A Local Haven for Art-Lovers

by Jessica Teran

Although I love summer, staying busy and being out in the sun, there are some days when I needed to take a step back and enjoy leisure activities that are free around Austin. One of my absolute favorites is the Daughtry Arts Center. Daughtry Arts Center is one of Austin’s oldest community arts venue that provides provocative theater, music and dance performances, intriguing art exhibits, lively date nights, and a robust studio arts program for youth and adults.

art austin gallery paintings
One of my favorite pieces to view by Dimitri

Whether you like to make art or view art, DAC supports emerging and established artists by creating opportunities within the community for them to showcase work and experience art first-hand. Its location is perfect as well, right off Barton Springs Road. So while you’re already out and about in the area, or getting ready to head to the water, DAC offers a chance to cool off and enjoy local free art! Plus, admission is free for their art exhibits!

art austin gallery paintings
Dark textures meet soft nostalgic color themed grid

This summer, DAC displayed art by Dimitri Gudgenov & Walker Winn called Color & Memory: Surface & Substance. Gudgenov’s abstract sculptures explore the tension between synthetically produced forms and mundane materials recomposed to form complex and organically-inspired compositions. These rigid sculptures are paired with Winn’s gridded color sequences chosen for an optical effect which aim to mysteriously conjure up soft memories of your favorite childhood candy or lipstick. After all, we all bring memory and attachment to color.

art austin gallery paintings
Color and Memory: Surface and Substance

The nature of Walker Winns explores the relationship between color and geometric form. Color symbolism and Cubist, Modern and Expressionist abstract artists, such as Picasso and Mondrian, have influenced him to create these large and gridded alignments that pair perfectly with Gudgenov’s Artwork. While there is structure and order in Winn’s work, Gudgenov’s sculptures offer a depth to the exhibit that comes from textures, free-flowing forms, and contrasting color choices.

art austin gallery paintings
Geometric form and color theory pairing of both artist’s work

While Color and Memory: Surface and Substance only lasted until Saturday, August 18, 2018, there is usually multiple exhibits up to view. DAC offers various mediums of artwork and styles and it a good opportunity to learn about local art and art programs if you’re interested in new activities. I’d recommend you make this a date spot while you visit downtown Austin or before you hit Barton Spring pool with your friends for the day, you won’t regret it.

art austin gallery paintings
Retro vibes, nostalgic for the 80’s

Be on the lookout, because they have plenty of free art events coming up — in September they’re having a paint your pet in the park day. All you have to do is bring your pet and you can learn to paint them for free! No Pet? No problem, DAC pairs up with Austin Animal Shelter where they will provide you with temporary fur babies for the event to play with and paint. Also, if you enjoy it so much, you can even adopt them! DAC is a great community resource to learn and experience what art has to offer, definitely make time to stop by and check them out! •

Jessica Teran is a Textile and Apparel Design major from San Antonio, Texas. Her interest in public relations and social media have unearthed her desire to write and expand on her creative writing. When she isn’t in the lab designing or writing, she likes to indulge in holistic fitness and cooking.

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