The Impact of Unhinged Fashion in a Totally Hinged World

Based off of creative genius Evan Collins’s Y2K Institute of Aesthetics and early 90s rave culture, we’ve come to wonder what the hell really is the influence of the 90s to 2000s era on fashion? Is it the rise of Apple and the Internet? Walkmans and silver Kodak cams?

That teen-angst, fueled by Zombie Nation and Haddaway (with a little bit of MDMA on the side)? As we progressed out of an age filled with heavy unemployment, the rise of AIDS, social and racial division, a reborn 1960s generation of rave culture emerged powered by a want for love and a passion for unity.

In the fashion world today, we’ve taken inspiration from these two ideologies and still remain fascinated by low-rise baggy raver pants adorned with chains, neon winged eyeliner, cropped-to-midriff tees with a mixture of the Y2K-cyber induced YRU metallic, platform kicks and mesh thigh-high stockings.

So why are these trends so prevalent in fashion aesthetic today? The sense of nostalgia that comes with watching Levi’s trippy Spaceman ad from 1995 or grainy banned Calvin Klein commercials on YouTube takes us back to a place where the cyber world was a much more authentic and valued space.

In the 90s to 2000s, fashion aesthetics traveled not through Instagram influencers or Facebook ads, but through bona fide style partakers themselves.

Music by: @_theunusuals

Song: ‘Lonely Girl’

Styling & Concept by: Maya Halabi

Models: Cruz Rendon, Mijolae Wright

and Lindsay Gallagher

HMUA:  Amber Bray and Jenna Campbell

Photography by: Caitlin Rounds and JJ Barrett

Video by: Lily Wickstrom

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