ACL Has No Limit On Festival Fashion

October 9, 2019 / Garrett Smith

As weekend one has passed and weekend two approaches, here is everything you need to know about how to dress for ACL.

Source: Austin 360

When considering the heat, think about what would provide you the most comfort and less sweat stains. That is right folks, mesh/see through shirts. These shirts are perfect for showing skin and feeling the breeze. They also allow you to jump around and prevent you from suffocating on 99% cotton. Mesh shirts come in all sorts of colors, but one specific hue you should consider is neon.

Neon colors are taking off. They have a ton of energy attached to them, and bring all sorts of good vibes to any outfit. Highlighter green, yellow, blue, or pink are some options to truly stand out among the crowd.

For every boy out there that just doesn’t see any options for festival wear besides a boring t-shirt, try a sports jersey. Sports jerseys are perfect for leaving unbuttoned and showing off chiseled abs or leaving buttoned. Sports jerseys have a great breathable fabric that allows you to jump around and enjoy your favorite artists.

Source: Austin 360

This next trend, we all thought would leave and some of us even regretted they even appeared. However, this trend of the chunky sneakers will be here for a while. Statement shoes are evolving the fashion industry, because now people are checking out the full outfit starting at the shoes. Chunky sneakers like Fila Disruptors, or TopShops Cairo chunky trainers are perfect for elongating your legs and adding some height.

With it being October and all of us expecting some decrease in temperature, Austin is projected to still be in the high 90s. Another trend to combat the heat, is a slip dress. Some may say a slip dress is meant for the bedroom, however I disagree, slip dresses allow for movement and breathability so you won’t be a sweaty mess at ACL. A slip dress is simply choosing comfort and style, so what is the negative?

Source: Austin 360

If you are looking for a shirt option try out a cropped tank top. Cropped tank tops are great for feeling good and looking good. There are so many color options too. Try neon colors, or pastel pinks and purples or even animal prints like cheetah. ACL weekend one was like the jungle with all the different cheetah print. Act like a cheetah and be fierce fighting through the concert crowds.

Some of you may know, ACL charges for lockers and that is not ideal when you are on a student budget. A backpack is also too heavy and is itching to produce a swimming pool on your back. So if I were you stick to the fanny pack. Fanny packs are your friendly waist hugging storage bag. They can carry all your festival necessities such as a good lip gloss or chapstick, your wallet, phone and keys. Bring a fanny pack that way when your going off to Truth Hurts by Lizzo you won’t lose all your belongings.

Creating a cohesive look can be a challenge because some patterns and fabric textures refuse to match. Therefore consider some denim; denim such as shorts, jackets, overalls and even jeans. Anything matches with denim, so don’t stress over color coordination and matching because denim is perfect for creating a dynamic festival look.

Are you wanting to add a pop of color, or trying to tie up your hair but make it cute? Well then I suggest a bandana. A bandana is no longer #yeehaw unless you pair it with cowboy boots and a hat and plan on seeing Kacey Musgraves at ACL (WHICH IS A LOOK AND MUST DO). Bandanas can be classy too, throw it up over your head and protect yourself from sun rays or tie it around your neck and rock an ascot like Ken from Barbie. Or even if you have a large enough bandana make it a sleeveless top. Bandanas are multi-purposeful as they can even be treated like a sweat blotter to prevent your natural glow.

Whether you feel these trends connect with you and your style or not, just know that ACL is the opportunity to take risks. Take the chance to do something fun and out of the ordinary and just be yourself. Show up to ACL in what makes you feel most confident and comfortable. The most important thing to wear to ACL is a smile because you’re about to have the time of your life. •

By: Garrett Smith
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