This is SPARK.

Since 2014, SPARK has come into its own as a leading print, online, and multimedia publication for emerging creatives in Austin and beyond. We are a diverse network of student talent, passionate about telling compelling stories, producing evocative visuals, and pushing the boundaries of art, culture, and fashion.

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Kai-Lin Wei | Editor In Chief
Walter Naranjo | Managing Editor


Amelia Kushner | Editorial Director

Eliza Pillsbury | Senior Print Editor
Kunika Trehan | Associate Print Editor
Carolynn Solorio | Associate Print Editor
Ella Rous | Assistant Print Editor

Kyra Burke | Senior Web Editor
Sonali Menon | Associate Web Editor
Renata Salazar | Assistant Web Editor
Ellen Daly | Assistant Web Editor


Alex Cao | Creative Director
Laurence Nguyen-Thai | Assistant Creative Director

Yeonsoo Jung | Director of HMU
Lily Cartagena | Assistant Director of HMU
Meryl Jiang | Assistant Director of HMU

Maliabo Diamba | Director of Modeling
Jillian Le | Assistant Director of Modeling
Yousuf Khan | Assistant Director of Modeling

Rachel Karls | Director of Photography
Mateo Ontiveros | Assistant Director of Photography

David Garcia | Director of Styling
Vi Cao | Assistant Director of Styling
Miguel Anderson | Assistant Director of Styling


Juleanna Culilap | Design Director

Jaycee Jamison | Layout Director
Charlotte Rovelli | Assistant Design Director
Melanie Huynh | Assistant Design Director

Maddie Abdalla | Digital Director


Jackie Fowler | Business Director

Nereida Jimenez | Director of Events
Sarai Lazo | Assistant Director of Events

Emely Romo | Director of Marketing
Brenda Chapa | Assistant Director of Marketing

Elain Yao | Director of Social Media
Ashley Guzman | Assistant Director of Social Media

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