December 7, 2022 / Lara Borges

What is divinity relegated to when its creations have spiraled out of control?

Distance from divinity has led us to believe that understanding our physical selves will make everything else fall into place.

We’ve frozen ourselves in time, recoiling at the fault we find in something that is, by nature, imperfect.

Just as organisms evolve to better suit their environment at any given time, the work of the adaptive divine code, we force an evolution on ourselves based on what the “ideal body” is in the moment.

Perhaps our desire for perfection is really the mind rebelling against the knowledge of its own impermanence.

Inside, the spirit is suspended by the energy we attach to perfecting our physical form.

Look in a mirror, and you are reducing yourself to a watery 2D image, a mere flash of life momentarily frozen in its context. ■

By: Lara Borges

Photographer: Charlotte Brown

Model: Angel Quinn

Stylist: Miranda Ye

HMUA: Tiffany Sun

View the full spread as it appeared in Issue No. 19 here.

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