On Trend: Aura Fashion

December 28, 2018 / Spark Magazine

Ever wonder about energy forces and the unknown? Some say it is exactly those forces that influence our everyday decisions including what we wear and how we present ourselves. Aura color practitioners would say everyone has an aura tethered to them, but the skeptic in you could be wondering what exactly an aura is and how it can help spruce up your closet. According to the University of Granada, an aura is a supposed energy field of “luminous, radiation colors” that halo around a person and is often imperceptible to the human eye. Auras can be explained due to the phenomena of synesthesia (a cross-wiring in the brain that presents more synaptic connections in some people). With synesthesia, some people can connect someone’s energy that they exude with a certain color or hue. Another way to capture those radiating colors is through the use of Kirlian photography. A Kirlian photographic image of an object is obtained when a large electric potential is applied between the object and a dielectrically isolated electrode.

So what kind of colors can be read from these photographs and what do they mean? Emotional synesthetes relate the color red with the heart and the physical body. While bright reds are passionate, determined, and full of energy, darker versions indicate an easily frustrated disposition. To spice up your wardrobe, try channeling your inner sensuality by pairing some subtle yet sexy pieces into your outfits.Orange is the color of vitality and excitement. In public, orange auras tend to be full of life and very social beings; you can always find them searching for an adventure. To incorporate some of that excitement, pair a playful, graphic tee with a statement accessory for an extra pop!

According to The Psychic Library, yellow is the color of awakening, inspiration, and intelligence, but typically pale and mute yellows indicate high stress. Yellow auras can be quite critical of themselves and thus the darker yellows show an inner power struggle. To channel the more ‘optimistic’ vibes of this aura, look for a bright yet modern piece to add to your wardrobe.If you find yourself having an affinity for nature and the outdoors, chances are likely you give off a green aura. When seen, variations of green usually represent growth balance, and most of all, change. A comfortable yet extremely stylish quilted jacket is an essential to pair with one of your outfits.

Blue auras are sensitive creative and intuitive which is why many are very eloquent and tend to pursue jobs that improve the conditions of others. But keep in mind, this compassionate aura can easily become overwhelmed mentally and physically. Like the free spirit that you are, I personally challenge you to step outside the box and pick out an item you wouldn’t normally wear.Finally, but certainly not least, are the violet auras. Violet represents the pineal gland and the nervous system. Highly spiritual and visionary, violet auras often are wise and in tune with themselves but can be very mysterious to others. Pick and utilize metallics in one of your ensembles to bring out the inner dreamer inside of you.Although there is not enough scientific evidence denouncing or promoting the existence of radiating fields of energy, there are still many compelling notions to make one interested in what we may or may not be able to see. •

By: Ajà Miller

Photography by: Alma Zamora

Ajà Miller is a freshman Sociology and Psychology double major at the University of Texas at Austin. In her free time, she enjoys planning out her life in a bullet journal while listening to lo-fi hip-hop beats as she does so. Her aura is yellow which fits her personality quite well.
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