Seashells, Pearls and Flowers In Your Hair

May 24, 2019 / Spark Magazine

The year is 2002. Flower crowns are out and hair clips are in. It’s hard to mention hair clips without instantly thinking back to the early 2000s. While these accessories bring us back to our childhood, there is also a sense of sophistication and high fashion that comes with the 2019 resurgence of this elementary school trend.

The contrast of these Fashion Week approved accessories paired with suits and $1000 outfits could not have been more antithetical to the innocence and dreaminess of hair clips growing up. Yet, the addition of seashells, pearls and flowers to the hair scene could not be more perfect. There is no better combination than that of youth with a sense of sophistication.

Like with any throwback trend, the best way to incorporate them into your daily life is with blatant styling. “The more the merrier” could not be a better motto when approaching hair accessories. For example, mix and match with different textured barrets and small and large clips.

It feels like a decade since society cared about accessories for hair. This concept was forgotten given the rainbow hair color craze and beach waves. It looks like we’ve finally gone back to our roots, figuratively and literally, while nostalgically reminiscing the fun and innocence that decorated our hair strands long ago. •

Written by: Anai Moreno

Photographed by: Casey Tang

HMU by: Anna Strother & Anai Moreno

Styled by: Nikita Kalyana

Featuring: Jeanette Hoelscher, Nikita Kalyana & Anna Strother

Anai Moreno is a senior Public Relations major and Business minor with a concentration in Cultural Anthropology and Textiles and Apparel. Her current goal is to reconnect with nature. You can find her watching her youtube recommended card readings.  
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