Silence from Screaming

July 7, 2021 / Amber Weir

In the old world, light and color ruled.


delicate outlines of silhouettes represent us

as imperfect,

forever shifting and evolving.

Welcome to the void —  an abyss where

silent screams pierce the ear.

Empty,           Vacant,         Desolate.

Earth is a memory:






The sun vanished,

the stars disappeared.





Now, beauty is determined by our shadows:

Darkness marries Darkness.

The sky is purple, filled with endless space.

The ground is empty, looking for conflict.


Dissonance brings Peace.

In a world

evacuated of meaning,

                                          The Vacuum is delightful:





An overwhelming  presence  surrounding us

reminding us our

inexorable fate.

Until then,

We       Live      In    The      Unknown.

We appreciate the pauses, the commas of life

recognizing nothing is definite: but the end.

The End.


Destination: Unknown. ■

by: Amber Weir

layout: Caroline Blanton

photographer: David Zulli

stylists: Maya Halabi

hmuas: Brandon Muniz & Michelle Adebsi

models: Tony Vega & Priscilla Takyi

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