The Legacy of King KL

March 4, 2019 / Spark Magazine

This week, we lost one of the greatest and most creative people to have ever lived. He embodied inspiration and genius in its purest form. Karl Lagerfeld is a force of nature that has changed the fashion world forever. Most known for his hand in the resurgence of Chanel, he brought to life every project that he was involved in. His collections were many, runway shows captivating and creative, projects diverse. Balmain, Fendi and every brand in between have also felt the touch and magic of Karl Lagerfeld.

To the outside world, Lagerfeld seems untouchable. What I have found so intriguing to think about is that the man behind the myth is HUMAN. Here are some reasons why we love Karl Lagerfeld.


Cannot make it through the day without your soda fix? Rumor has it that Lagerfeld could drink up to 20 cans of Diet Coke a day! That has to be some type of record.


The most famous member of Lagerfeld’s family is his beloved cat Choupette. Once quoted saying he would marry her if it were legal, it makes sense that he would leave some of his fortune to her. It also makes sense that she would live a more luxurious life than most of us, with butlers and gourmet food.


Lagerfeld’s father worked in a business not as glamorous as fashion. He made his living by introducing condensed milk to Germany. Although Lagerfeld is shady about his upbringing, it is certain that he worked hard to achieve his success.


Lagerfeld loved emojis so much that he designed and launched 30 of his own! They included images of his famous silhouette, cat Choupette and signature gloves.


In 2001, Lagerfeld made one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions- to lose weight. In just about 13 months, he lost 92 pounds! Lagerfeld’s insane weight loss journey even spurred the authorship of his own book.


The key behind Lagerfeld’s signature pony is dry shampoo. Although not necessarily used to fix greasy hair, Lagerfeld used it to perfect the snowy color of his hairdo.

The quirky facts that made up Karl Lagerfeld’s life only added to his brilliance and therefore, our awe of him. An incredible creative, friend to the lucky, and inspiring fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld will go down in history as one of the best.  For now, all we can do is cherish what he left us. To a world that is more creative because of his genius. Karl Lagerfeld 1933-2019. •

Written by: Analisa Camacho

Graphics by: Jasmy Liu


Analisa Camacho is a third- year advertising student. She is a bi-annual writer for Spark Online. In her free time, Analisa loves Austin restaurant hunting, window shopping and dog parks. Cheers.
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