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May 13, 2019 / Spark Magazine

If you’ve visited some of Austin’s best local spots you’ve probably seen his work — Will Bryant is an artist and designer based in here in Austin, Texas. Best known for his unique murals and harmonious color palettes. Although his murals quickly gained attention, Bryant’s skills as an artist extend well beyond his large scale pieces. Freelancing for the past 10 years, Bryant has designed apparel assets for brands such as Bud Light, Jordan Brand and Converse. Other projects include lettering for President Obama, a bean bag installation at the NY Art Book Fair, and a custom toothbrush. Bryant says the majority of his work has been centered around an illustrative style and goofy sensibility.

After completing his undergrad at Mississippi State, Bryant continued his education in Portland, OR at Portland State attending graduate school for contemporary art. According to Bryant, combining a strong commercial background and implementing ideas from fine art helped him refine his style. Present day, Bryant’s murals and assets can be found all over Austin. His murals are currently located at Brew and Brew, Cava, Facebook, Better Half, Bird Bird Biscuit, Bird’s Barbershop, Miranda Bennett Studio and most recently Amy’s Ice Creams on Manor Rd. “I enjoy the shift in scale and specificity of a place when it comes to murals. Making adjustments on the fly and responding to the space is much more fun than staring at a computer screen” said Bryant.

In addition to being one of Austin’s favorite artists, Bryant is also the Co-Creative Director of Last Straw, a neighborhood spot serving vacation by the hour. The bar features several aspects of Bryant’s work including his paintings and interior design made in collaboration with studio mate Cody Haltom.

Constantly exploring different mediums and passions Bryant says he loves a balance and mixture of everything, “I really do love installing murals and working on apparel projects. It’s been two years since my last gallery exhibition, and looking forward to finishing a new body of work” said Bryant. With so many exciting projects planned throughout the next year we’re so excited to continue to follow Bryant’s journey.

Written by: Caitlin Rounds

Photographed by: Caitlin Rounds

Caitlin Rounds is a third-year student at The University of Texas at Austin studying public relations.

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