December 7, 2022 / Kyra Burke

When I look past the clouds, I’m reminded of a lost dream from my adolescence.

As an impressionable young girl with no grasp of realism or responsibility, space was the ultimate playground for my imagination.

To my childlike eyes, seeing the moon up close was just one step closer to grazing its surface.

When I reflect on my past, it feels like I’m peeling back layers of my skin — each layer more raw and tender than the last.

Perhaps if I drown myself in nostalgia, I can find closure for my restless nights, my high-strung demeanor, and my insatiable hunger to do more, to be more.

I had abandoned my adolescence and let it die. I had stopped looking beyond the clouds.

It’s as if the planet and I are one, mourning the little girl who never failed to brush her bedroom curtains aside and admire a universe as limitless as her imagination. ■

By: Kyra Burke

Photographer: Lorianne Willett

Models: Noura Abdi & Yousuf Khan

Stylists: Nikki Shah & Victoria Sturm

Set Designer: Caroline St. Clergy

HMUA: Lily Rosenstein

View the full spread as it appeared in Issue No. 19 here.
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