We Never Go Out Of Style

November 6, 2019/ Analisa Camacho

On a Sunday afternoon, my grandma and I went to go see the new “Downtown Abbey.” I pulled up to her house and she met me at the front door before I could even knock. She wore a pineapple blouse and her favorite jewelry. I noticed how put-together she was. She sauntered through her porch full of plants and made sure I knew where I was going.

After the movie, we sat at lunch when I noticed her looking at me intently. I had asked her in the car if I could ask her a few questions about style. She just turned 75, but at this moment it didn’t seem like there were 54 years between us. She’s hip: Texts me weekly, loves to use emojis and “only likes to listen to Spotify on her iPad.”

I began to ask her about her sense of style. She told me that her personal style has always been classy. That got me thinking about the word “classy” she speaks of. With such a broad term, people are bound to have different definitions and my grandmother was no exception.

“I used eye shadow as eyeliner and brush it on and let me tell you… I used to never go to the grocery store without makeup on..but now sometimes I do. Ladies dress up just to sit at home all day… and I’m like where are you going? I’ve always loved to dress up for church and even wear heels, whereas some won’t… just dress up a bit and don’t be so sloppy. Oh also, I ALWAYS wear my jewelry. But that’s just how I am.”

And she is right, that’s just how she is.

She goes on to tell me about the fashion in her hey-day.

“We wore sheath dresses and a girdle!” Bell-Bottoms, mink coats and everything in between. But, the one thing she kept emphasizing is the fact that she has always loved classic clothes.

It’s no secret that as the times change so does the fashion. When I asked my grandma about her opinions on the trends now she responded with, “everyone is just so casual.”

Almost on queue, a woman walked by wearing denim shorts and a tank top. I love my grandma and value her opinions, but I also know that so many social barriers, especially for women, have been broken for the better. We now live in a world where women aren’t forced to cover up, but instead, use fashion as a form of self-expression.

This definition of classy that I mentioned earlier- what once meant prim and proper is now what I would argue, whatever someone feels confident in. Crazy heels? Go for it. Mini party dress? Always. The world is everyone’s oyster when it comes to fashion and the options are vast and limitless. This aspect of individuality of self-expression through clothing makes fashion what it is. It’s human nature to desire uniqueness. Whether you’re 80 or 16, fashion knows no age so get out there, strut your stuff and rock those clothes. •

by: Analisa Camacho

graphics: Izellah Wang

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