Maya Haws-Shaddock

Art Director


Maya Shaddock is a junior in the Texas Creative Advertising program, minoring in French, Business, and Digital Arts & Media. Having been raised in Austin, she’s been engrained with a deep-rooted love of local live music, funky aesthetics, and unnecessary winter clothes she’ll never get to wear. After years of scavenging through thrift stores and resale shops, Maya has developed a taste for vintage and revamped fashion trends, and Spark has given her a place to find like-minded people who spend way too much on their wardrobes. While not staring into the endless void of Adobe Masterworks, Maya spends her time working in a variety of other organizations, drinking dirty chais so dirty they’re just nasty, watching a vast array of television programs, or listening to some miscellaneous indie bands at Spiderhouse.


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