The Team

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Editor-in-Chief: Aiden Park

Managing Editor: Caroline Otto

Art Director: Ernest Chan

Assistant Art Director: Caroline Rock

Assistant Art Director: Maya Haws-Shaddock

Business Director: Sheridan Scholtz

Treasurer: Sheridan Scholtz

Head of Advertising and Marketing: Ryan Chang

Head of Public Relations: Joanne Xu

Assistant of Public Relations: Iris Bilich

Co-Head Event Coordinator: Erika Najera

Co-Head Event Coordinator: Sydney Harklau

Creative Director: Mariah Becerra

Assistant Creative Director: Carlie Roberson

Head of Hair and Makeup: Natalie Arriaga

Assistant Head of Hair and Makeup: Amanda MacFarlane

Assistant Social of Hair and Makeup: Paola Mena

Head Model Coordinator: Madeline Wells

Head Photographer: Sissy Martin

Head Stylist: Victoria Bass

Assistant Head Stylist: Isaiah Garcia

Writing Director: Abigail Rosenthal

Writing Director: Nikki LaSalla

Writing Director: Samantha Bolf

Alumni Director: Rebecca Adams