Meet the Team

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Editor-in-Chief: Aiden Park

Managing Editor: Caroline Otto

Art Director: Maya Haws-Shaddock

Assistant Art Director: Mingyo Lee

Assistant Art Director: Rebecca Wong

Business Director: Sheridan Scholtz

Financial Director: Melanie Shaw

Marketing Director: Harrison Xue

Assistant Marketing Director: Christie Han

Co-Events Director: Nakhim Seng

Co-Events Director: Jillian Westphal

Communications Director: Joanne Xu

Social Media Director: Kaylon Hicks

Web Director: Ayu Sofyan

Web Creative Director: Maddy Murray

Community Outreach Director: Julia Ferrara

Creative Director: Carlie Roberson

Assistant Creative Director: Nikita Kalyana

Hair and Makeup Director: Amanda MacFarlane

Assistant Hair and Makeup Director: Rebekah Heidel

Assistant Hair and Makeup Director: Sarah Stiles

Modeling Director: Gabby Tan

Assistant Modeling Director: Jacqueline Porteny

Assistant Modeling Director: Srija Seenivasan

Photography Director: Anna Droddy

Styling Director: Megan Scheutz

Assistant Styling Director: Megan Arimanda

Writing Director: Jade Fabello

Writing Director: Abigail Rosenthal

Assistant Writing Director: Chloe Bertrand


All illustrations by Lindsay Gallagher.