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A (Tiring, Yet Rewarding) Week Without Social Media
Social media is an addiction, one many are fond of. Every “like” and funny animal video that gets sprung at me just increases my fervor to never disconnect. Essentially, I am a…
grunge style tattered ripped golden goose yeezy
Distressed Fashion: A Distressing Trend
Golden Goose Deluxe Brand recently released “distressed” Superstar Sneakers for over $500. Usually, releases like this would go under the radar in the general public, but it caused an absolute riot on…
insta instagram social media business following followers publicity
Instagram is Now an Essential Business Tool — Here’s Why

What was once a simple app used for posting Valencia-filtered, kissy-faced selfies (and lots of insanely adorable puppy pics) has now evolved waaay beyond your standardized posts! If you’ve tinkered around with…

spark ceo business fashion clothes oceane evo
The Life of a College Girl Boss

A girl boss is a courageous and capable woman. She doesn’t care how many people tell her “no” to her face,  she pursues her own dreams. Not only am I obsessed with…

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