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Yellow Elephant: the Shopping Destination for a One-Of-A Kind Find

by Caitlin Rounds Stephanie Westley has enjoyed thrifting and sewing from a young age. Throughout her lifetime she has built up a large collection of thrifted goods. With so many pieces and unique items, Westley found herself repurposing and combining the clothing material. Eventually, she discovered there was a demand for her creations, so she […]

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#sparktravels: Days in the Mile High City

by Kyler Wesp During Spring Break, you can usually find me chilling at the beach or lounging in my bed. But this time around, I decided to change it up with a little bit of snow. I’m talking about the Mile High City: Denver, Colorado — the city of snow skiers and businessmen alike. During […]

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Happy Birthday Alexander McQueen!

by Paddy Ghaemi On this day in 1969, a fashion innovator was born in east London. Alexander McQueen was the leading light of creativity in British fashion. At the age of only sixteen, Alexander McQueen dropped out of school and decided to pursue a career in fashion. He trained on Savile Row at Gieves & […]

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Black History Month Teaches Us Lessons for the Future

by Kyler Wesp Graphics by Esther Shin This past February, people of color continued to share their stories. Black History Month is a time to commemorate their history and culture while advocating for the future. As such, people are realizing Black History Month is a platform for these important conversations, especially those concerning proper representation […]

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Where to Find the Best Latin American Food in Austin

by Tatiana Lopez Latin American culture is often perceived as homogenous. Yet, every single country is diverse and unique in aspects such as cuisine, customs, and fashion. Austin has recently gained popularity as a food mecca, and with heavy Latin American influences in the city, local businesses strive to provide authentic Latin food that represents the […]

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Gender Neutrality x Minimalism

by Jessica Teran Models: Lynette Adkins, Christian Kenoly The future is fluid. Consumers are now becoming more familiar with gender neutrality and are no longer confined to the idea that clothing is gender-specific. The fine line between men’s and women’s clothing has become obscured, so why do we limit children’s clothing by identifying girls with all things […]

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