Editor In Chief: Kai-Lin Wei
Managing Director: Yeonsoo Jung

Editorial Director: Amelia Kushner

Senior Print Editor: Kunika Trehan 
Associate Print Editor: Carolynn Solorio
Associate Print Editor: Ella Rous
Assistant Print Editor: Aaron Boehmer

Senior Web Editor: Ellen Daly
Associate Web Editor: Sonali Menon
Assistant Web Editor: Katlynn Fox
Assistant Web Editor: Nysa Dharan

Creative Director: Alex Cao

Assistant Creative Director: Laurence Nguyen-Thai

Co-Director of HMU: Lily Cartagena
Co-Director of HMU: Meryl Jiang
Assistant Director of HMU: Averie Wang

Director of Modeling: Maliabo Diamba
Assistant Director of Modeling: Jillian Le
Assistant Director of Modeling: Yousuf Khan

Director of Photography: Rachel Karls
Assistant Director of Photography: Mateo Ontiveros

Director of Styling: Vi Cao
Assistant Director of Styling: Miguel Anderson
Assistant Director of Styling: Saturn Eclair

Design Director: Jaycee Jamison

Layout Director: Melanie Huynh
Assistant Layout Director: Ava Jiang
Assistant Layout Director: Colin Cantwell

Director of Videography: Maddie Abdalla
Graphic Design Director: Caroline Clark

Business Director: Jackie Fowler

Co-Director of Events: Divya Konkimalla
Co-Director of Events: Anh Tran

Director of Marketing: Emely Romo
Assistant Director of Marketing: Brenda Chapa

Co-Director of Social Media: Elain Yao
Co-Director of Social Media: Olivia Abercrombie
Assistant Director of Social Media: Lea Boal


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