What departments can I apply for? What are each department’s responsibilities?

You can apply to work in SPARK’s Editorial, Creative, Design, or Business branches, which house 12 departments in total. See the APPLY page for more information on the departments.

How can I apply for SPARK?

SPARK opens staff applications for its fall season in August and its spring season in January. We do not accept new staff members at any point during the active season. You can follow our social media pages or check back here for a link to the application.

Can I hold more than one position?

Yes. We allow all applicants the opportunity to apply for up to three positions. However, if accepted, a staff member will only be allowed to hold up to two positions. It is at the discretion of our leadership team to decide where a potential staff member will be of most value to the SPARK team at large.

I’m not a student at The University of Texas. Can I still apply?

We currently only accept registered undergraduate and graduate students at The University of Texas at Austin.

Do I need editorial experience to qualify for SPARK?

No. Editorial experience is not needed at all. We also do not require that our staff members be of a certain degree or major of study. However, we do highly recommend that applicants independently seek field experiences outside of SPARK to elevate both their applications and personal portfolios.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

SPARK does not and will never tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, class, national origin, religion, age, or disability. As a non-UT affiliated organization, SPARK’s Executive Board reserves the right to permanently dismiss any leadership or staff member whom it feels has failed to uphold SPARK’s standards of fairness, equity, and inclusion. We are under no obligation to facilitate an accused member’s defense or obtain permission from the university.

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