Baxter Wright is Taking West Campus by Storm, One Frothing Fest at a Time

January 24, 2022

We all came together in lightheartedness to do the same thing — buy cool clothes and listen to good music.

Vintagely styled in BLEACH U.S.A, baggy jeans, and a predisposition that every t-shirt he owns "is a piece of art," Baxter Wright stood proud at his creation: Frothing Fest, a vintage market with student vendors selling everything from clothes, one of a kind art, and live performances from Texas-based artists.

Former high school class president and competitive surfer, Baxter stumbled upon a passion for thrifting during high school. "Both of my parents had been forcing me to go thrifting my whole life," he said. Initially, Baxter overlooked his parents' desire for him to branch out to this affordable way of fashion, but once he was able to drive and take himself to local thrifts, he said he found beauty in this "treasure hunt.” Baxter’s devotion for re-fashioned clothes transitioned into a private story on Snapchat called "Baxter's clothes,'' where he would post rounds of 10 or 15 items from his discoveries. They would sell out within minutes each time.

Before Baxter’s move to Austin for college, he came up with the idea to sell his clothes as a garage sale type pop-up, combining his passion for clothes and music, a mixture that hadn't been seen in Austin before. "I'm gonna turn this into something crazy," Baxter said he told all of his friends. "You'd be surprised how supportive people are, and you'd also be surprised that the people that are most supportive are people you don't know.” Baxter's aspirations increased despite judgments, and he continued to foster his vision. "I really didn't even know what I was doing. I told everyone I was doing a music festival in West Campus," he said. “I didn't know who was going to play. I just bullshitted it enough until it came to me."

After his first successful pop-up, he immediately knew he had to start planning the next event, and that Frothing Fest was more than a one-time thing. With the help of hundreds of flyers and word of mouth, Baxter pulled off a free concert with an artist-turned-best friend, BigRedShooter, while selling his clothes outside. "It was like a cool party," he said. "It was my first time feeling that it was something bigger than just clothes.”

And just like that, Frothing Fest became a large platform for young creatives to share their own art through designs, clothing, and music. Baxter talks about how Rainbow Coalition Austin, a nonprofit organization that made over $1,000, grew its platform through Frothing Fest. "I am extremely grateful to help out other people who are starting their own small businesses," he said. “The best thing that has come from Frothing is the impact it has made on the community.”

Securing partnerships with artists such as Hotel Ugly, rapper BigRedShooter, and animator Chase Taylor, as well as loyal vendors, Baxter believes Frothing Fest will be as big as ACL or JMBLYA. "In four years,” he said, referring to his goal of booking the artists of his dreams, like Tyler the Creator and Dayglow. “Mark my words."

Through his love for all things vintage, music, and sparking connections, Baxter hopes to create a community. Now pursuing his own clothing brand, he anticipates his first drop to be infused with his own style. "There's no one that's not cool enough to wear it, and no one who is too cool to wear it," he said. Baxter’s inclusive and nonchalant attitude goes into everything he does, bringing personality and excitement on campus — one fest at a time. ■

Videographer: Moises Zanabria

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