Kiss or Slap: Grammy Fashion

March 29, 2024

As controversial as the awards season has been and can be, let’s take a second to appreciate and rip apart the fashion at the Grammys this year.

To preface, I am a judgy girl who takes nothing seriously… except celebrity gossip and fashion. I have noticed that red carpet looks have stopped needing to be an obvious story. All the outfits have a designer with a vision behind them, but it is no longer overbearing. It is no longer uselessly in your face, it's understated (and not in a pretentious way).

First, the icon we all grew up with, who surprisingly hasn’t won a Grammy until this year:

My Queen, Miley Cyrus

Photo via Elle Magazine & Getty Images

As my childhood fashion inspiration, Miley has constantly experimented with her style just like her music over the years. May I say that this year was no exception? Though many came for her extremely large hair, the DRESS (John Galliano for Maison Margiela 2024) was magnificent. It is exactly what I am talking about when I refer to fashion that is amazing and has a story, but isn’t a message or a political statement. The hair that was inspired by Jane Fonda’s role in “Barbarella” was perfectly reminiscent of the past in commendation. This modern dress is an homage to how I think Miley is with her career. She is grateful for this past in the industry, but now has a fresh spin for the rest of it. The detail of the safety pins and the intricate design was exactly what I wasn’t expecting, but now I know I needed it. I was expecting an outfit that matched her previous looks this year, playing with blacks and dark tones, but this was everything. All the current fashion trends push silver, but the gold was done very well, so props to Bradley Kenneth for his choice.


Ms. Diana, Ice Spice

Photo via Vogue & Getty Images

Why, oh why does y2K float in and out of trend when it looks this good? Though I think Ice Spice isn’t one to be a fashion icon, I can safely predict that this may be the denim-on-denim of our generation (Britney Spears, Kurt and Bart x Levi’s 2001). The moment Britney debuted that Canadian tuxedo with Justin Timberlake at the VMAs in 2001, it became instantly iconic, just like I think this look should. The rise of dark denim is here to stay, and you will never catch me choosing light wash over the depth of this color. The cuts of the outfit are flattering but not too provocative, and I felt this was the right move for her fashion trajectory. I want her to become a part of this generation of new-musician style icons like Billie Eilish when she started her career and many K-pop stars like Blackpink.


The Icon, Billie Elish

Photo via InStyle & Getty Images

I have one word for this look: Underwhelming. I loved the “Barbie” fashion like everyone else who is obsessed with celebrities, but I’m tired of the promo. I love the recent comeback of her signature hair dye pattern, but the outfit (Chrome Hearts 2024) could have been much more interesting. It was cute, but it could have been iconic. I hope to see her make a splash in the pool of celebrities who can dress again. She used to be a style icon for the younger generation, really embodying the baggy clothes. But that is no longer fresh, it needs more. This wasn’t enough.


Everyone’s Top Artists, Taylor Swift x Lana Del Ray

Photo via Cosmopolitan & Getty Images

Here are two of the biggest women in music now. They don’t fit together in my head — like ever — but they surprisingly worked with the same producer, Jack Antonoff, for both of their newest albums, “Midnights” and “Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard?” Aside from the music, which is the actual point of the Grammys, the outfits were — dare I say — boring. They don’t look like something you would wear to an event of such supposed class. I loved the gloves on both of their outfits and the touch of juxtaposition between the lace versus solid color on the both of them. However, Taylor’s choker was not it. We will not be regressing to respecting black chokers. Honestly, Lana’s outfit (Vintage Sourced 2024, Styled by Molly Dickson), looked like a Wednesday Addams costume, and Taylor’s outfit (Custom Schiaparelli 2024) looked like a poorly cut prom dress.

Their amazing music will be remembered as iconic in the coming years, but these looks were not memorable. I hoped to see Lana in a brighter movement. She has campaigned the sad-girl bandwave of black, but I wanted her to wear something that embodied the breath-of-fresh-air energy she has been giving. For Taylor, it could have been a moment to advertise for her new album at least. Anything was better than what she wore.


Sometimes Scary, Doja Cat

Photo via Harper’s Bazaar & Getty Images

Are you a fan of DC Comics? Or maybe heard of a famous supervillain, the Joker? If yes, you must have thought the same thing when you saw this look. It MUST have been inspired by him. The look (Dilara Findikoglu 2024) was unnecessarily sheer and not in a tasteful way. People even mistook the dress for having a wardrobe malfunction. Now that is not a good look. I love Doja Cat and “Planet Her” may have actually changed my life, but her recent looks are hit or miss. You may remember her viral red sequin ensemble where her dress and her whole body was bedazzled, but this is a million times worse.

In my opinion.

Still a slap.

Trying Hard, Olivia Rodrigo

Photo via People Magazine & Shutterstock

Though this look was an archive pull (Versace 1995) and a reference to Marilyn Monroe, I’m saddened to say that this look is something I could probably easily find at Windsor at the mall. This dress felt cheap regardless of how nice it actually was; I kind of hated it. It fit her very well, and tracked with her previous fashion of not being iconic, but not being trash. She tends to stay under the radar of fashion addicts, but let's face it, the dress does not scream quality even though it’s vintage designer.

However, I’m happy she attempted to come off as timeless.

Sorry, but slap.

Soaring, Summer Walker

Photo via abcNews & Getty Images

She’s not a bird, she’s a swan. An angel. This look was surprisingly one of my favorites of the music and drama filled night. Summer pulled off this heavy-textured (Usama Ishtay 2024) piece with an amazing choice accessory: the hat. A moment for the hat. Hats can easily come off as tacky, ugly, or very 50-year-old women. But her’s was perfect. Now, there must have been a million pieces of feathers on that head of hers, and even more on the dress. The details were international and not cheap.


My Favorite Sisters, Chloe x Halle

Photo via JustJared & Getty Images

The “Sister, Sister” of pop culture today absolutely killed the Grammys, even though they walked separately. Chloe looks stunning, and the detail of her (Louis Vuitton 2024) dress deserves to be praised. She pulled off the cuts of the dress without being tacky and overdone. Same goes for Halle. She pulled out a flattering v-neck sparkly stunner (Louis Vuitton 2024) without falling into a prom look. Their hair elevated their looks excellently. Note they both opted for limited jewelry, which was a tasteful choice.

My final kisses.

To be honest, none of the male looks really caught my attention (or anyone’s). But, honorary mentions to Jon Batiste, for his skirt moment and 21 Savage and Burna Boy for showing up for the underrepresented Rap genre this year.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions, and I’m sure you will disagree (but you know I’m right). ■

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