Pulp of My Heart

By Lucia Llano
May 2, 2023

The world doesn’t know you as anything but just another beautiful thing of bloom & rot. 

i'm spoiled rotten. my skin so soft. so pretty,

go through me

like a worm. it’s so easy

in the rot of your perfect hands.

you left me here, blind, hands outstretched,

murmuring like a fool, calling:

darling, darling—you have my whole heart!

you have it all darling!

my whole, rotten, pink, heart.

white knuckles,

or baby’s breath,

i overwater,

i think, i find myself

with fingers in your mouth

pulling daisies

one by one

from your throat.

and you, like

oak & ivy

you sprout to the touch of me


the imprint of my fingers makes

your skin come apart

but you look so beautiful.

i want to pick you

even then.

just to feel you, close and little,

between my two fingers.

even though i make you split in two.

i will love you.

            you’re beautiful. you’re honeydew

eyes, clementine cheeks, pomegranate lips

apple of my eye, your ribs

will diverge. your heart, then,

open and gaping for me.

you overwater,


here is all of me; here is my peach pit

here is the pulp of my heart, it is yours,


–take it. ■

Layout: Emely Romo
Photographer: Amy Lee
Stylist: Emily Martinez
Set Stylist: Caroline St. Clergy & Miguel Anderson
HMUA: Azucena Mosqueda & Emely Romo
Models: Arliz Muñoz & Tyler Kubeka

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