Shout in the Void

December 9, 2022

Graphic by Ava Jiang

A shout in the void
A flash in the pan
A silent night
An unheld hand
A commitment unspoken
A subtlety to be envied
A broken connection
A restless frenzy

A teenage melodrama
A series of unfortunate events
A miscommunication
A tenderness that relents
An accident perhaps
An unconscious craving
A whirlwind of nothing
Probably not worth saving

No kiss goodbye
No firsts
No lasts
No tears to cry
No memories of the past
No hunger
No longing
No you
No me
No nothing
No it wasn’t
Meant to be

A fantasy
A fallacy
A flag on the play
A penalty
A foul
A life led astray
A false god
A losing dog
A tenderness true
A glance that travels from me to you
A general disturbance
An idiotic mess
A shitshow
A sequel
A pain in my chest
A dropped pilot
A long silence
The death of a vape
Sucked till it's dry
Then thrown away ■

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